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    Alternatively, you may take a FREE Test Drive of Direct-Hit any time. More Information on …


    Identifix | Repair Information, Diagnostics & Shop …

    Identifix offers FREE Direct-Hit, weekly webinars. See our product in action and experience a better way to explore our products capabilities, like the diagnostic Hotline Archives, so you and your shop can fix more cars in less time, and streamline your shop operation.


    Direct-Hit Repair Data Subscription Service | Identifix

    Direct-Hit by Identifix is the automotive service, maintenance and repair industry’s largest and most reliable online and on demand database of continually updated, experience-based information for what breaks on vehicles and how to fix it.


    Identifix | Repair Information, Diagnostics & Shop …

    Identifix serves 100,000+ automotive technicians & shop owners with its Direct-Hit repair information, Direct-Shop management system and repair hotline service.


    Try Direct-Hit Now | Identifix

    Try Our Single Vehicle Demo Now. There’s no better way to experience something new than to take it for a test drive, right? Use our demo vehicle to take Direct-Hit for a personal online Test Drive. Conduct keyword searches, explore our diagnostic Hotline Archives, link to genuine OEM service & repair information and run Factory Scheduled Maintenance plans.


    Direct-Hit | Identifix - Part 2

    DIRECT-HIT The more shops you refer, the more FREE Direct-Hit you earn! As part of our ongoing referral program, you can get one FREE month of Direct-Hit for every referral that continues with their new subscription for at least 60 days (minimum of three payments). START BY TELLING FELLOW SHOP OWNERS HOW IDENTIFIX HELPS YOU:


    Direct-Hit | Identifix

    Identifix has reached the 50,000 Direct-Hit subscriber milestone, and to thank you for being a valued customer, we want to make you a part of this celebration. Five Direct-Hit users who submit a Hotline Archive Confirmed Fix in Direct-Hit from July 6 to October 4, 2015, will …


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    21 rows · When finished, click "Done" to log directly into the Direct-Hit using an available license. * …

      16/15/2016 10:41:44 AMCCOGoldsboro5 (CCOGOLDSBORO5)
      26/17/2016 10:46:40 AMCCOGoldsboro3 (CCOGOLDSBORO3)
      36/19/2016 7:36:23 PMCCOGoldsboro3 (CCOGOLDSBORO3)
      46/24/2016 9:54:05 AMCCOGoldsboro1 (CCOGOLDSBORO1)
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      CARQUEST Direct-Hit

      Test drive our website. Explore the vital info we have to offer.

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